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Millions of posties have carried billions of letters across hundreds of years, and yet nobody has ever delivered a single word to describe a collection of them. But, then, just what is a postie in the 21st century?


After one Christmas on the job almost sends him packing, Tom Dymond embarks on a year of wondering and wandering through the streets of Bristol. As the pressures on a modern day mailman pull him in two directions, he asks what it means to be a good postie, and why there isn’t a word for a collection of them? Maybe if he can find the word, he can find the meaning.


Through scorching summers, freezing winters and biting dogs he seeks the appropriate phrase, all the while seeking the appropriate letterboxes. Is it a perambulation of posties? A pillar, perhaps? A strike, more likely? This year of letters exposes the carnage and comedy of the sorting office, gives voice to the messengers of the nation, and reveals the life of a postie in a way never heard before.

In Letters from a Postman, Tom Dymond tucks the reader into his satchel and takes them on his daily rounds. If you like a travel book with a twist, a postie with a point and a bundle of letters about the British, then the enclosed is undoubtedly for you.


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