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Lost on land, James wondered if he might find himself at sea. Lost at sea, Tom wondered if sailing around the world might be a better way to navigate this life.

When a friend suggested to James he should buy a sailboat and circumnavigate the world, not even childhood memories of almost drowning on his father’s boat could deter him. Finding Blue Eye for sale in deepest Cornwall James brought her back to Dorset, where she quickly became an unwitting vehicle for escape.

With only a drop of sailing experience between them, James, Tom and their motley group of friends spent their weekends sailing in the English Channel. Their plan – to see how many things they could get wrong. The question – could they get enough things wrong, that they would survive the world’s oceans in the years to come?

Wrongs of Passage is the first book in Tom Dymond’s travel series of sailing Blue Eye around the world. If you like daring adventure, hilarious mishaps, and poignant musings, then you’ll love this first instalment of Blue Eye’s journey.

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